This is Pendelirium’s second single, released in 2011. It was based on an idea by Katrine, and worked on by her and Kristian to create a song containing an interesting mix of ideas. People have described it as having influences from both Pink Floyd, Lou Reed and Led Zeppelin.

Musicians involved:

Kristian Amlie: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and background vocals
Katrine Amlie: Lead vocals
Petter Amlie: Drums

Pendelirium would like to thank Finn Arild Aasheim for the excellent piano samples


The first day I knew
You had changed everything,
but I guess you were just trying to fit in.
It’s always scary to start again.
Nobody knows how it ends

But how is this you?
Your words sound so different, your laugh seems so fake…

You didn’t care,
didn’t see yourself through my eyes.
All that anger and pain that I felt,
because of your lies.
Why didn’t you see
The same world as me?

If I’d known
What I know today
Would everything be ok?
There are so many things
I wish I could say…

But it’s too late
You stole every part of me.
And pretended that they were your own.

You didn’t care,
didn’t see yourself through my eyes.
All that anger and pain that I felt,
because of your lies.

F: “You’re not the same person you used to be”.
W: “How would you know? You’re not me”.
F: “But where are the dreams, and the adventures we shared?”
W: “Look under this shell, it’s all still there. I’m just trying something different.
We get a new beginning, a fresh start. How can you blame me for taking part?

My world was dark, I was all alone.
They left me, laughed at me, mocked me and I didn’t know why.
What had I done to deserve this?
Must have been me, something wrong with me…

It all had changed,
I was a prisoner in my own home.
Smiling faces all around me,
then turning away and laughing at me,
never with me.
Always searching for the windflower alone.

Then a bright light
coming through the pain.
A warm smile, outstretched hand, reaching for me.

You saw me, reached for me.
Wanted me to be your friend.
Promised me you’d be there until the end.

You were so strong,
so real, not scared of anything.
You were a good friend, my best friend.
Maybe I changed, but I like who I am.
And as a friend, you should understand.

You took me in, you were different than all the others.
You were real, didn’t care what anyone else thought.
You never left me, even when others would.
But then suddenly you turned on me.

But you saw me, reached for me, pulled me out of the dark.
You were there for me when they turned on me.
Where are you now?

So many years have passed since then,
and you are no longer a friend.
I have missed you, but I blame you.
Now I know you’re blaming me too.

I didn’t care,
didn’t see myself through your eyes.
Why didn’t we see
the same world?