Pendelirium was formed back in 2008 by siblings Kristian and Katrine Amlie. Both had previously had music as a hobby for a while, and after having worked together on the single “Saved” they decided to form the band in order to start a more ambitious musical collaboration. In 2011 the band’s second single “Windflower” was released, and their first studio album “Atlas” was released in July 2017.

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, the band’s music shows a great deal of variation in terms of style, stories, complexity and atmospheres.

The band consists of two permanent members:
Kristian Amlie – vocals, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, production, mixing
Katrine Amlie – vocals, guitar and keyboards

In addition several musicians have contributed:
Petter Amlie (drums on Windflower, Fear the Quiet Ones, Cold and The Race)
“Steve” of StudioPros (drums on Dawn and The Audition)

2 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Hello from Maryland, USA! I just completed my first listen of Atlas on Progstreamimg! I love it, especially the epic “The Audition,” which I think you won! Very impressive! Great band name too!
    Where do you all hail from and are K & K sisters or brother and sister? Good luck with it all!


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