Saved is Pendelirium’s first single, released in 2009 shortly after the band was established. Most of the music is written by Kristian, with Katrine contributing a lot of the lyrics. An aggressive song with a dark theme where a husband falls victim to his inner demons, the song was an experimental start to Pendelirium’s history.

Musicians involved:
Kristian Amlie – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and vocals
Katrine Amlie – Vocals

He watches as she’s fading into darkness.
Begging her to stay.
Her eyes going distant, help me they say.
With a certainty beyond recall.
Everything was silent, beautiful, but untouchable.

Was it he who made the choice?
Or did he just obey the stronger voice?

As I walked in the door
He seemed like he’d never seen me before.
He glances at me, I feel like a queen.
And I know that nothing could ever come in between.

His touch, his voice, this wonderful food.
Seems to me like he’s trying to set the mood.
We raise our glasses without a sound.
As I have a taste I see him frown.

Hmm… This wine tastes funny…

Was it he who made the choice?
Or did he just obey the stronger voice?

“She will not be yours forever, unless you take control”.
“But she gave me her heart”
“But not her soul. Loyalty is never earned, a bird set free will never return”.
“But love can conquer anything”
“You know well what pain it will bring”

“How can this be best for her and me?”
“One true love for eternity”.
“If I do this, she’ll never leave me…”
“One true love for eternity”.
“Oh God…”
“One true love for eternity. One true love for eternity”.

He makes her his eternal wife
by saving her.
Saving her from life.