New ideas

Hey all Pendelirium fans!

We’ve been taking a well deserved break since our release of Atlas, but lately ideas have started to form, and I had a nice session today, putting some of the first ideas together. We have a pretty good idea what the lyrical theme will be, and I expect that the lyrics will drive much of the music on our next record. On Atlas it was the other way around for most tracks, with the music being written first, so this will be a nice change of process.

And yes, it will be a concept album!


Working on chords

In the meantime, here is a review of Atlas you might not have read!

21stCenturyProg and Radio Floyd

Our song Dawn was played on Surrey Hills Radio’s programme 21stCenturyProg on Monday the 14th of August. If you missed it, you can still hear the program by clicking this link:

In addition our music will be played on Radio Floyd in the time to come. To know when to tune in, check out their facebook page:

Pendelirium coming to streaming services

Our album Atlas has just been submitted to several streaming and digital download services, which means that it will soon show up on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, and many others. Bandcamp is still our official music store, and the only place where you can get the album booklet and the CD, but if you’re only interested in the music, you can use the service of your choice!

So now Pendelirium is even more widely available! If you like us, spread the word! 🙂

Atlas is released!

After years of hard work and tedious writing, recording, and mixing, the album Atlas is finally finished! This is our official debut album and we are so happy about it! It consists of 8 songs that vary in style and atmosphere, but that all share the same theme reflected in the album’s title.

Currently the album is only available on our Bandcamp site, but will be available on CD, in other stores and on streaming services soon.

Check out the album on the album page, or buy it over on our Bandcamp site!

Atlas is in the works

After having released two singles, we are now working on our very first studio album! The album will be called “Atlas”. It contains 8 tracks with different stories, style and atmosphere, but all sharing a common theme reflected in the album’s title. We can’t wait to share this with you!

Stay tuned for more updates!