Atlas is Pendelirium’s debut album, released in July 2017 after a long production phase. It consists of 8 songs that vary in style and atmosphere, but that all share the same theme reflected in the album’s title.

The band draws inspiration from many of the popular progressive rock bands of the nineties and beyond, such as Spock’s Beard, Dream Theater and Opeth, but also include classical and pop elements.

The beautiful charcoal artwork was made by the very talented artist Christian Asbjørn Voss.

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For some additional information and lyrics of each song, please click on the appropriate links.

Track List:
1 – Dawn
2 – Fear the Quiet Ones
3 – Smell of the Flowers
4 – Holding Up the Sky
5 – Cold
6 – The Race
7 – The Audition
8 – Catch a Snowflake