Smell of the Flowers

All through this haze
a secret gaze.
A shadowman,
reaching land
Stop me if you can

I hold on
to nothing at all
and I sink.
Gone in the blink
of an eye.

All must end. It’ll find us in the end.

You reached for my hand
You called out my name
Opened my eyes to the wonders I have/I am
Saw that our forever
Was burned to the ground
I died but never would wish it away

Delay all, delay all
Delay all, delay all

The smell of the flowers
reminds me of hours spent
inside a bubble-trapped world.

A dreamworld, a fantasy
too good, how can it be.
It’s not real, and it must stop.

Inside this homeless dream that
never was, could never feel
how fast the world spins.

A dreamworld,
but never see it end.
All must end
All must end (oh it must end)