Catch a Snowflake

Catch a snowflake
Hardly awake
Cannot escape
melting away

I watch it pour down
Fall through the sky
feeling so high
Wanting to fly

See all that I am made of
believe that I will die
Can’t you see that I’m fine
Leave me alone,
I’m fine on my own,
fine on my own

I can see him
walk through the rain
screaming in pain
I’m running in vain

I can’t reach him
he’s too far away
please just stay
don’t walk away

I can’t do this without you
I am not that strong
Can’t you see that I’m crying
don’t leave me alone

The sky is burning
The ground is churning
I call and I call and I call
call for you…

The smell of the flowers
reminds me of hours spent
inside a bubble-trapped world

A dreamworld, a fantasy
too good, how can it be
it’s not real, and it must stop